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Brands increasing their conversions with shopflo

  • Yogabar’s conversion has increased by ~15%

    Because our products are highly repeatable, providing a smooth and easy experience for repeat customers is essential. Shopflo solves that problem for us very well. With AOV enhancing offers, we have also seen a strong increase in the cart value. Most importantly, they have a team which is always prompt in their responses, which is must have for someone handling checkouts and payments.

    Suhasini Sampath

    Yogabar’s conversion has increased by ~15%
  • Fix My Curls’ purchase conversion has increased by 10% with shopflo

    Having a team you can rely on for support is important, Shopflo’s team has consistently provided that for us at Fix My Curls. Checkout being one of the most vital steps as an eCommerce platform,  we’ve had the most reliable experience with Shopflo.  The entire team is  motivated and passionate  about the work they do, which in domino effect has further inspired and motivated our team.

    CMO, Fix My Curls

    Fix My Curls’ purchase conversion has increased by 10% with shopflo
  • Dr. Octo is growing with the flo

    The seamless checkout by shopflo was an important value prop along with the saved address carts and coupon display. Many of our customers weren’t discovering the offers on our website and thus, not converting. Shopflo has built the solution very seamlessly. The team has been very responsive and quick to take suggestions and feedback. The customer-first approach is what makes Shopflo stand out.

    Yash Jalan
    Dr Octo

    Dr. Octo is growing with the flo
  • Koparo’s conversion rate has increased by 1.3X with shopflo

    Shopflo’s product is far superior to others on the market now. Since we added Shopflo’s checkout, we haven’t seen any consumer complaints or inquiries because of how  user-friendly and intuitive the technology is. Our target market includes an older demographic that typically suffers with online payments and lengthy checkout processes, both of which Shopflo has addressed, and as a result, we can see a clear impact on conversions.


    Koparo’s conversion rate has increased by 1.3X with shopflo

The network effect

Once customers shop on any of the Shopflo partner brands, they will never have to painfully enter personal info, addresses and payment details again.

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Save your customers the coupons memory test

Shopflo automatically shows all the relevant coupons to your customers during checkout. They don’t have to stress about memorizing codes while they’re navigating through a shopflo integrated website.

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Enjoy highest payment success rates

With shopflo, you never have to worry about payment failures.

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Super-fast checkout designed for ease

Your users will not have to fill out forms again and again

Make offers your customers can not refuse


Get ready to experience the fastest & easiest setup you’ve ever seen.
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